Scooter / Powerchair batteries

Big or small, we power them all

Don't get caught short while out and about.

Once you start noticing a lack of range or just a lack of "oompf" you really need to think about getting your scooter / powerchair batteries changed.

Whether you're a home based user or an active socialite we've got a battery solution to suit you.

Scooter, Powerchair and even adapted vehicle, whatever your mobility battery needs are, we can help.

Got an iGlide, Tailwind or similar with outrageous battery replacement costs? Get them rebuilt, we have the technology! (We can even extend their range to last all day)


 Need new connectors ? No problem

Want extra connectors ? No problem

Fast chargers ? We've got them too.

We can even modify scooters and powerchairs to take high performance batteries and the same goes for your adapted vehicle, the standard vehicle battery was never intended to power a lift / hoist THEN start the vehicle. Our advanced mobility batteries are.


Serving Oswestry, Shrewsbury, Welshpool, Wrexham and anywhere inbetween, we ARE the solution to your battery problems, we ARE the specialists the others call in when they have battery problems with YOUR wheelchair / powerchair / buggy etc.

We don't stop there either, see our Buggy / Chair modification page for some of our other services.

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